Re: Narrative and Semantic (I)

Subject: Re: Narrative and Semantic (I)
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 20:51:34 EDT

Larry Austin writes:
> I'm sorry, but this thread/dialogue is really boring and
> exploitive of the list's thrust...electroacoustic music.

A dissenting view- while I have found some recent threads frustratingly
off-topic, I don't consider this one of them. I would, however, join others
who have asked that posts be kept to the topic of the vast field of
electroacoustics. While I am happy to use a delete key or set up filters, I
know of several people who have abandoned the list because they found there
to be more noise than signal, which is unfortunate.

I am often reminded how wonderful this list can be, and I would like to
thank everyone who responded to my recent request for evaluations of various
EQ plug-ins, which has been very helpful. Still, I am happy to see that
discussion of software tools has not drowned out challenging and stimulating
discussion of aesthetic issues.

My very best wishes,

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