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Subject: Re: Why does ... appear
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Tue Oct 11 2005 - 12:02:04 EDT

good one David / Maxine (and cat, Mumbles)

or stocahastic poetri ? i like th idea of slight delay but canyon effect might be even more Xtreme, sounding like sound reflected in or out of a Volcano . Love th
bs [etc.] Would you like granular synthesis with your tea or do you prefer it in your hockey game ? do you play Hockey ? do others see or get this ?

CEC is so OT (at times...) but no swearing or shouting EH ? but dum, have you heard about th conspiracy and New Orleans ? Gate Mouth Brown & EA & Hockey Games ?
Mmmm ... sounds like people are talking soundin like those cool sounds from NASA ... (insert white noise) ...

best regards, sylvi macCormac
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David Mooney/Maxine Heller wrote:

> Looks like a highly jumbled up version of what SHOULD appear at the
> top of an expanded email header:
> X-Authentication-Warning: nul-mail owned process
> doing -bs [etc.]
> Obviously to assure that the message is on topic, someone is
> granulating the heading. I would add a randomly panned slight delay
> to give it a fuller sound.
> At 12:03 PM 10/10/2005, you wrote:
> >At the tops of a number of emails I get a thingy that looks like this:
> >
> >XAtS8MjAthIcC4ApHjvhP5olT4D9CKCCCYsgn7aPlKVdgN1KH6J+mPam9OhymycVc60RZFK7F26gSsZx6969xxWYie3Kb6Nm3M64Vx/+UYUS7n6TBfl8oXTOj75AjzgI8JVWu76DcSJgkV7hbgxzoVQ06qfUv4ex
> >
> >but it doesn't appear in my "Reply" function.
> >
> >
> >Do others see / get this?
> David Mooney:
> Maxine Heller:
> Opaque Melodies:

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