Richard Crow and NAW OCT 11th toronto

Subject: Richard Crow and NAW OCT 11th toronto
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 13:09:56 EDT

Richard Crow (uk) and NAW (noise factory records)

Tuesday October 11th - 9:00pm door

@ The PiNG
HACiENDA - 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor - Toronto
(directly across from the Bathurst subway station)

PayWhatYouCan at the door

UK based Richard Crow is an interdisciplinary artist who uses sound &
noise in a performative way, for its spatial and subjective qualities
and above all for its psychological implications for the listener.
Past solo and collaborative site-specific installations & performances
have consisted of highly conceptualized interventions into base
materiality, investigations of alternative systems of organization
and research into a certain material decadence (as with the project
The Institution of Rot, London 1993-96). The title of tonight's
performance is "phantom music - an aural hallucination".

In the second set NAW (aka Neil Wiernik) will be doing a rare live
performance of some of his recent ambient material. NAW has working
intercity with Aidan Baker and Nathan McNinch over the past year on
a series of collaborative works, using the internet as a their medium.
This project draws on the lush guitar work of Aidan Baker, the spare
minimalism of Nathan McNinch's piano work and the highly textured
sound design work of Neil Wiernik. The project, initiated by NAW, is
an exercise in conducting musicians without them being in the same
room. Wiernik requested both artists to provide him with material
played in a specific manner to be worked with in the studio as his
compositional elements. The result is rich, sullen music reminiscent
of artists found on Constellation, Kranky and the label NAW calls
home - Noise Factory. This new work has only been performed in its
entirety once, in Montreal, where reviews compared the material to the
music of Godspeed, minus the rock instruments. NAW uses only a laptop,
a midi controller and various software applications to manipulate
and contort these sounds into cinematic works for your ears.

Video projections by SelfService - Jakob Thiesen and Rebecca McLellan

Presented in association with SOUNDplay:

THE AMBiENT PiNG is a social sound/art event presenting
live performances by Toronto's finest ambient, improvisational
and experimental music artists plus performers from across
the continent, every Tuesday evening at HACiENDA.

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