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Subject: Re: onlist/offlist posts/etiquette
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 06:48:14 EDT

dear Ned

now what does HOCKEY have to do with Net.iquette & Posts de Goal or EA fir that matter ? btw, there was a great New Music performance (composer?) in an Ice Rink that had a big band and
figure skaters and old hockey and ringette films. Ringette was th original hockey for girls (tres polite speaking of net.iquette). Joe (shit head) Keithley also performed th National
Anthem. But they had no shadow puppets ... generally speaking of EA that is ...

(this has been sent to you off list for fear of emperor(s) throwing their hockey pucks at me :-O)

best, sylvi macCormac des fernandéz
(pesky shadow puppet - she shoots she scores)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition

Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> Paul,
> Very good point. Thanks for reminding us.
> Oh, did I mention?: HOCKEY'S BACK!!!!!
> :-)
> Ned
> On 9-Oct-05, at 11:51 PM, Paul Steenhuisen wrote:
> this would be an appropriate time to then also respectfully request that posts sent to the list remain generally on EA topics, and personal musings/meanderings be kept to a minimum.
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