SAN Expo 2006 call for works, papers and commission proposals opens

Subject: SAN Expo 2006 call for works, papers and commission proposals opens
From: Richard Whitelaw (
Date: Mon Oct 10 2005 - 07:17:39 EDT

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The call for commission proposals, artistic submissions and papers/research
presentations for Sonic Arts Network's 2006 Expo festival is now open at

Expo is an opportunity to experience the work of the best UK sonic art
practitioners, to meet, listen and respond. After the success of last yearıs
highly eclectic event in Scarborough the focus now shifts to Manchester.
Preparation is underway for another packed weekend of sonic art and
electronic music from UK artists and a choice selection of international
guests. This weekend of performance, exhibition and presentation will take
place across a variety of public venues in Manchester including concert
halls, gallery spaces, bars, nightclubs and an historic architectural space.
The weekend aims to highlight the broadest possible range of approaches and
thinking that surround the sonic arts. We welcome submissions of all kinds.

There is no charge for the submission or acceptance of work and entry to the
festival will continue to be free to all members of the public. This call is
open to all UK based practitioners and all international members of Sonic
Arts Network.

For the 2006 festival we are offering a £4000 commission for a new
installation to be shown at Cornerhouse between 23 June - 30 July.

Guest artists confirmed for the festival at this stage include Staalplaat
Sound System, Joseph Byrd, Spunk and Dreams of Tall Buildings

The 2006 Expo festival will take place between 23-26 June and will be
produced in association with the University of Manchester and Cornerhouse.

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