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Subject: Re: vln vla vlc cb micros
From: Henry Rodrick (
Date: Sat Oct 08 2005 - 06:37:29 EDT

Oj, en till Svenne i listan! :)

Anyway, you might wanna get in touch with Johannes Bergmark of
He is an instrument builder/inventor and has done alot of work with
contact mics. Also some good reads on his website on the subject...

Good luck


On 2005-10-08, at 11.44, PerMagnus Lindborg wrote:
> we're looking into buying a set of proximity (or contact) microphones
> for the string instruments (violin, viola, cello and double bass) of
> our contemporary music ensemble. Budget approx. 2500 or $ for a set
> of 4 mics. Priorities are for sound clarity, minimal leakage (i.e.
> from the other instruments) and non-destructive to the instrument.
> Could you kindly advice us?

//henry rodrick
+46 70 3685136

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