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Date: Fri Oct 07 2005 - 07:12:07 EDT

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

>If I, for my course, were to endeavour and "learn" how to process
>sounds thoroughly (in and out), where would I start? How deep should I
>delve? Should I make a plan? Simply experiment endlessly?

do both.

this is what i suggest to students to whom i teach traditional harmony.

learn the so-called rules. then read the papers and look out in certain
Bach chorales, Monteverdi etc and realize that just about everyone broke
them /for good reason and effect/.

one has to know one's palette... but experiment, and sometimes even
random experiment has its benefit. i havent a clue what the numbers mean
on Mammut or Ceres3 but i sure know intuitively how to pick the right
numbers to create a given effect, after a little practise, or sometimes
i just input randomness and it works. what is wrong with
experiementation, or /playing/. a psychotherapist once said to me 'isnt
music play?' when i mentioned to her that it was all work at the time
and i had lost my sense of enjoyment of it (that was why i quit
academics and became a resident troll on this newsgroup).

we 'play' music. creativity is 'play'.

at the same time, knowledge /can/ - but not always /will/ - lead to
greater enjoyment of play.

do both, and find what suits /you/.

for me i find it is certain subsets of both. i love the 31 divisions to
the octave and their resonances in Georgian folk singing - which was
revisited by an Italian composer whose name i forget in the 16th
century. i love inputting random numbers into programs that are
supposedly designed for precise effect. i love to use my /ears/ - that
is where the greatest importance lies for me - in training my ears,
psychoacoustically and physically, to both understand and play with sound.

a scientist experiments, with or without knowledge of the outcome.
sometimes for proof, sometimes purely for experiement.

if we all knew what was going to happen, would it be that magic that we
call music any longer? or would it be like reading yet another newspaper
article on bombings in Iraq which most of our minds have (sadly) now
begun to tune out.




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