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Subject: Re: a deck of cards
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Thu Oct 06 2005 - 20:49:58 EDT

I'm sorry, what is this?

On 10/6/05, brian <> wrote:
> here's the list.
> an asterisk means that i have your card.
> i guess we go from here.
> again, many thanks.
> brian
> ----------------------------------
> Ace of Clubs: Marcvelo Radulovich
> Ace of Diamonds: dave
> Ace of Hearts: Thad Biggerstaff
> Ace of Spades: David-Baptiste Chirot
> Black Joker: Michelle Nagai
> Eight of Clubs: davide
> Eight of Diamonds: Kevin O'Conner*
> Eight of Hearts: Glenn Bach
> Eight of Spades: Chuck
> Five of Clubs: jen carlile
> Five of Diamonds: mike shiflet*
> Five of Hearts: .murmur. (patrick)
> Five of Spades: tofu
> Four of Clubs: Ben Minto*
> Four of Diamonds: Wojtek Dlugosz
> Four of Hearts: paul arnaud brandt
> Four of Spades: Jonathan Coleclough*
> Jack of Clubs: frederic yarm*
> Jack of Diamonds: Allan Revich
> Jack of Hearts: Kathy Forer
> Jack of Spades: Carlo Giordani
> King of Clubs: Chi
> King of Diamonds: Robert H. King
> King of Hearts: Joda Clement
> King of Spades: andre gonclaves*
> Nine of Clubs: matt davignon*
> Nine of Diamonds: Aaron Ximm
> Nine of Hearts: sirr
> Nine of Spades: Chris DeLaurenti*
> Queen of Clubs: Andy Ditzler
> Queen of Diamonds: Al C*
> Queen of Hearts: Madwag
> Queen of Spades: Bjorn
> Red Joker: Simon Hampson
> Seven of Clubs: HarS
> Seven of Diamonds: Bartek Kalinka*
> Seven of Hearts: Duncan Hoot
> Seven of Spades: Viv Corringham*
> Six of Clubs: Candace LeClaire
> Six of Diamonds: Alex Young
> Six of Hearts: ben owen*
> Six of Spades: Heather Dewey-Hagborg
> Ten of Clubs: Muzag (Gary)
> Ten of Diamonds: Alessandro Fogar
> Ten of Hearts: gajus miknaitis
> Ten of Spades: Stephen Sykes*
> Three of Clubs: michael leigh*
> Three of Diamonds: Walter Cianciusi*
> Three of Hearts: KLF Book (Angus Carlyle)
> Three of Spades: anonymous (Ben)*
> Two of Clubs: Roger Stevens*
> Two of Diamonds: Crispin Webb*
> Two of Hearts: Mike Hallenbeck
> Two of Spades: Dallas Simpson* --
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> -the screaming that men call silence?

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