Re: SOUNDplay 2005

Subject: Re: SOUNDplay 2005
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 15:28:26 EDT

Ah ... non-narrative ... provocation indeed!



Oct 7-9, 11-13
Videomusique screenings
7 & 9pm $10/$8 students
free with festival pass
The Camera bar, 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto

Videomusique is a recent development in Québec where electroacoustic
sound artists have expanded their palette to include abstract
non-narrative digital video in their expression. This program gives a
sampling of recent work in this provocative new genre. Screeings
include "Sieves" by Jean Piché, "Treelogy" by Nicolas
Bernier/Delphine Measroch, "Variations" by Inés Wickmann/Chantale
Laplante, and "Die Dyer" by Alain
Pelletier/Marcelle Deschênes

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