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Hi there

This festival will be of interest to many of you on this list. Most
of the events are happening between now and October 16th.

Hope to see you there!


New Adventures in Sound Art presents:
The 4th annual SOUNDplay festival
Various locations in Toronto
September 16 ­ October 16, 2005

Festival pass $25 / $20 students & Pleasure Dome members
Weekend pass (Oct 14-15) $20 / $15 students & Pleasure Dome members

A meeting point for experimentation in new media and sound art,
encouraging new fusions of image, sound & text. SOUNDplay 2005
features: an e-book presentation by American tENTATIVELY, a
cONVENIENCE (in person), a prolific experimental video artist and
writer who is appearing in Toronto for the first time; FAMEFAME
(Toronto) who have developed a loyal following in Toronto for their
live video commentaries on popular culture; La Cellule d'Intervention
METAMKINE (France) brings new meaning to the term expanded cinema
with their dynamic live improvisations using 7 16mm projectors,
analog retro audio technology; Videomusique screenings (Québec
artists) will include beautiful visual abstractions integrated with
cutting edge electronic music; AGM05 artists (European Artists) who
have addressed the theme of Silence through sound installations and

SOUNDPlay 2005 features screenings, installations, and performances
co-presented with the Theatre Centre, the Camera bar, AMBiENT PiNG,
Prefix, Pleasure Dome and AGM 2005.

Oct 7-9, 11-13
Videomusique screenings
7 & 9pm $10/$8 students
free with festival pass
The Camera bar, 1028 Queen Street West, Toronto

Videomusique is a recent development in Québec where electroacoustic
sound artists have expanded their palette to include abstract
non-narrative digital video in their expression. This program gives a
sampling of recent work in this provocative new genre. Screeings
include "Sieves" by Jean Piché, "Treelogy" by Nicolas
Bernier/Delphine Measroch, "Variations" by Inés Wickmann/Chantale
Laplante, and "Die Dyer" by Alain Pelletier/Marcelle Deschênes

Sep 29 to Oct 8
"Quieting" by Christof Migone
Sound installation
noon to 5 pm FREE
Prefix Audio Art Gallery, 401 Richmond Street West #124, Toronto

In 1996 I recorded the cannon that is fired every day at noon from the
Citadel in Halifax, Nova Scotia. All the pieces in Quieting are based on
that recording or inspired by the shock of the shot.

Tuesday October 11
Richard Crow Performance + NAW
9:30pm PWYC
THE AMBiENT PiNG, Hacienda Club, 794 Bathurst Street at Bloor

UK based Richard Crow is an interdisciplinary artist who uses sound &
noise in a performative way, for its spatial and subjective qualities
and above all for its psychological implications for the listener.
The title of tonight's performance is "phantom music - an aural

In the second set NAW (aka Neil Wiernik) will be doing a rare live
performance of some of his recent ambient material. Wiernik requested
both Aidan Baker and Nathan McNinch to provide him with material
played in a specific manner to be worked with in the studio as his
compositional elements. NAW will perform on laptop, MIDI controlled
and various software applications to manipulate and contort these
sounds into cinematic works for the ears.

Oct 12 @ 7pm opening reception and performance
"Speaker, stain, silence" by Richard Crow
Sound installation
Continues Oct 12 to Oct 15 FREE
noon to 5 pm with performances by the artist from 1 to 2 pm everyday
Prefix Audio Art Gallery
401 Richmond Street West #124, Toronto

Visitors/listeners to Prefix will confront a profound silence (or
disquiet), where silence as a physical situation can be addressed and
made palpable.

Friday, October 14, doors open 8 pm @ Latvian House, 491 College St.
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE with special appearance by FAMEFAME
Tickets $15 / $10 students and Pleasure Dome members
Free with Festival or Weekend pass

This evening will include the Audio/visual installation Silence by
Iben Bentzen, the video sculpture Kaleidoscope by Lyla Rye, the
premiere of FAMEFAME¹s "Micro Omnibus" and "Story of a Fructiferous
Society" An e-book/video from tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (In Person).

Saturday, October 15, doors open 8 pm @ Latvian House, 491 College St.
Features La Cellule d'Intervention METAMKINE
Tickets $15 / $10 students and Pleasure Dome members
Free with Festival or Weekend pass

This evening will include the sound installation "Silence" by Iben
Bentzen, the video sculpture "Kaleidoscope" by Lyla Rye, screenings
of works by Katarina Löfström and performances by La Cellule
d'Intervention METAMKINE.

Sunday, October 16 noon-4pm, Latvian House, 491 College St.
Workshop by La Cellule d'Intervention METAMKINE
$40 / $35 students & PD members (discount with pass)

Get a first hand glimpse of the inventive techniques employed by La
Cellule d'Intervention METAMKINE in their performances. Learn about
how they manipulate 16mm film stock, create film loops, and how they
combine these with analog synthesizers, audio processing and tape
machines to build a dynamic multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary
improvisation practice.

New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that
produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum
of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. Included in its
Toronto productions are: Deep Wireless, Sound Travels, Sign Waves and

For more info contact Nadene Theriault-Copeland at 416-910-7231,
or or go to

Nadene Thériault-Copeland
Managing Director
New Adventures in Sound Art

For more information about New Adventures in Sound Art go to:

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