Call for submissions - "Organised Sound" Sustainability in Electroacoustic Music

Subject: Call for submissions - "Organised Sound" Sustainability in Electroacoustic Music
From: Leigh Landy (
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 11:37:50 EDT

Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology

Call for submissions
Volume 11, Number 3
Issue thematic title: Sustainability in Electroacoustic Music
Date of Publication: December 2006
Publishers: Cambridge University Press
Issue co-ordinators: Margaret Schedel ( and Andrew May
( This issue is being prepared in collaboration with the
International Computer Music Association (ICMA).

Theme: Sustainability in electroacoustic Music
The history of the field of electroacoustic music has been one of ceaseless
innovation. Each generation has decried the failings of past technologies
and turned to the latest equipment and techniques. The rate of change
appears to be increasing; at the same time, the degree of nostalgia also
appears to be increasing. For the present issue of Organised Sound, we
invite consideration of questions relating to growth, continuity, planned
obsolescence, environmental change - in short, the sustainability of
electroacoustic music.
Themes will include:
1. Portability: planning ahead for as systems and platforms evolve
2. Conservation: techniques to keep older computer music repertoire in
3. Continuity: recycling of old code and concepts, maintaining development
4. Economic strategies: coping with an electronic music industry that
requires obsolescence to drive new purchases
5. Software design: combining new functionality with backward compatibility
6. Sustainable performance practice: building bridges between tradition and
innovation, developing a tradition of electronic music performance
(incorporating traditional performance, as well as incorporating diffusion
techniques, novel controller designs, and so forth)
7. Environmental effects: as we upgrade technologies, can we mitigate the
harm our art is doing to the environment?
8. Cultural sustainability: after the initial excitement fades, can we
maintain interest in new forms of electronic art?
+ Other themes relevant this subject.
We invite submissions from composers, performers, artists and researchers
working in the realm of digital media and sound. Submissions related to the
theme are encouraged; however, those that fall outside the scope of this
theme are always welcome.
Deadline for submissions is 15 March 2006. Submissions may consist of
papers, with optional supporting short compositions or excerpts,
audio-visual documentation of performances and/or other aspects related to
your submission that can be placed onto a DVD and the CUP website for
³Organised Sound². Supporting audio and audio-visual material will be
presented as part of the journal's annual DVD-ROM which will appear with
issue 11/3.


Notes for Contributors and further details can be obtained from the inside
back cover of published issues of Organised Sound or from:
Email submissions should be sent to (please see SUBMISSION FORMAT above):
Hard copy of articles (only when requested) and other material (e.g.,
images, sound and audio-visual files, etc.) should be submitted to:
         Prof. Leigh Landy
         Organised Sound
         Clephan Building
         De Montfort University
         Leicester LE1 9BH, UK.
Editor: Leigh Landy
Associate Editors: Ross Kirk and Richard Orton
Regional Editors: Joel Chadabe, Kenneth Fields, Eduardo Miranda, Jøran Rudi,
Barry Truax, Ian Whalley, David Worrall
ICMA Representative: Mary Simoni
International Editorial Board: Marc Battier, Laurant Bayle, Hannah Bosma,
Alessandro Cipriani, Simon Emmerson, Rajmil Fischman, David Howard, Rosemary
Mountain, Tony Myatt, Jean-Claude Risset, Francis Rumsey

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