Subject: Re: WHY COMPUTER MUSIC SUCKS_Bob Ostertag
From: Innes A. Park (
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 02:57:53 EDT

('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) >KevAust wrote:
>> The article is a reflection on the state / condition of the writers' (sic) mind.

 This article is also a reflection of the state the author lives in which he acknowledges to some extent with references to western computer users. For the vast majority of the population of the earth the majority of their music is not something something that emerges from a digital can either by banging on it or listening to it. This will probably be the case in another 100 years. Computer music is still alien to most of the people of the world, although it is not exactly fresh or a "new media" as some are led to believe.

 The majority of computer users are probably not western but oriental in 2005, and the laws and practices relating to digital music and music industries for these users etc are far from Ostertag's ambit.
 If the Chinese currency were revalued to the extent that some in the "west" would like to see then China could quite conceivably buy North America, postmodernism, CEC and propellerheads within a matter of years if they were not disinterested.

In computing, if a byte is 8 bits, how many bits is a nibble?


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