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Subject: RE: A philosophical break
From: Eldad Tsabary (
Date: Wed Oct 05 2005 - 01:07:01 EDT

Miriam Cliton wrote:

>wtf has this got to do with music? and when was a man wrong when his
>wife /is/ around?
>some women think differently you know, and some women are just as
>offended by the male stereotyping that marxist-feminists are doing and
>have done over the last 30 years as the men who have been subject to
>these, /sexist/, judgemental jokes.

mmmmm. So are you saying I am wrong?

I am sorry you are taking me so seriously. I wouldn't have the vocabulary to
mean all that you attributed to this joke.
It was merely intended as an absurdity.
Indeed let's not make a discussion of it, I believe everybody on this list
has already ignored it long ago until you brought it up. If there's
anything else you'd like to add you are more than welcome to email me


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Eldad Tsabary wrote:

>We all know the question "when a tree falls in the forest and there's
>around, does it still make a sound?"
>I would like to offer another question of a similar philosophically
>controversial nature
>"When a man makes a decision, and his wife is not around, is it still
okay, lets give the man/woman jokes a rest for once?

however - this joke judges both a man and a woman, according to a
stereotypical marriage.

both judgements are wrong, and both i take exception to, as a married
woman, a married non-stereotypical woman who is married to a
non-stereotypical man, and both very happily - and I must say that the
fact that our marriage does not perpetuate the hatred between the sexes
that the sex wars have brought is a very strong part of that.

so stfu and talk about music. this is a music list, not a sex wars
therapy list. go search usenet if you need to vent your spleen - as i
suggest to all men and women on this list who have a grudge against the
opposite sex or have problems in their marriage.

how about... in place of your question:

if a tree falls in the forest, and noone is around to hear it, what loss
is there to the archive of world sound?

Mrs. Miriam Clinton.

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