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Subject: Re: Postmoderinism : Revised quick guide
From: lawrence casserley (
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 17:06:33 EDT

On 4 Oct, 2005, at 19:33, Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> That confuses me even further. I liked the original explanation which
> was apparently wrong?
No - the whole point of PM is that nothing is actually "wrong" - all
people must be able to express themselves in their own way - it is the
expression of self that is important. I am happy with that - I want
people to be able to express themselves well.

Where I have a problem is that it doesn't seem to be clear how genuine
expression of "self", and simply self promotion, relate, or interfere,
with one another. This seems to lead to a cult of "celebrity", where
most people are still inhibited in their own expression. But people who
go on "Big Brother", etc, and other people who are famous for being
famous, become celebrated, at least temporarily.

There does seem to be a bias in PM for celebrating appearance over
substance (although this is not, of course, unprecedented!).
  Is this a good or a bad thing? Discuss......



PS - great thread - some really interesting stuff coming up - Elliot,
Dennis, Richard, etc please keep it up!

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