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Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 14:40:25 EDT

Well that changes many things! Thank you.

On 10/4/05, John Nowak <> wrote:
> On Oct 4, 2005, at 8:44 AM, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> > Are you serious? You must realize that my improper word choice should
> > not be taken with such offense!
> I'll make sure to go by your facial expressions next time.
> > I'm looking at colleges. I have not seen any of them.
> And you're not going to. Going to college for "computer music" is a
> losing game. I tried that. Doesn't work. Try adjusting your focus to
> "new media art" and things go a lot easier. At the very least, you
> get to build artful robots and make perdy video installations if you
> do it right. Single channel media doesn't cut it in this post-post-
> modern age boy. You've got to do it all! Once you realize that,
> you'll soon realize most colleges that offer such things suck, but
> there are a few that Suck Less™. I happen to think the Design &
> Technology program at Parsons is one of them. Good atmosphere. RISD
> is a mess. It's Parsons or the west coast for you; At least as far as
> I know. Another way to go is snagging a liberal arts degree if you're
> a patient type. Eugene Lang is a great way to waste your time.
> Columbia is good if you're the ambitious type. Honestly, don't go the
> the west coast. They're crazies out there.
> > Yeah, saying "aim higher" may have been the
> > wrong words, but that is what I've gathered so far, that Berklee is a
> > sort of music trade school (the best albeit), but not, as a college, a
> > competitor with Columbia or MIT for instance.
> No, you're entirely right. Berklee sucks. Who wants to hang out with
> a bunch of John Mayer wannabes?
> > I've learned to watch my mouth when speaking of universities, but you
> > must allow me to the room to learn this lesson.
> Honestly, hit me up off list if you want some help. I just felt like
> taking the piss out of you a bit first... Mostly because I was acting
> the same way not too long ago. Do take seriously what I said above
> though. College is largely a massive scam. It isn't really a "get the
> best" sort of game. It is much more a "get the least worst".
> Especially if your main interest is computer music. I think you're
> beginning to see that already.
> I also have a severe "ability to word things in a non-dick manner"
> problem, especially as now when I just woke up. Don't let my tone
> stop you from taking me seriously though... Just having been through
> this myself, I'd suggest I'm saving you a lot of time. Hizzah.
> Okay, coffee time... I'll regret this later...
> - John

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