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From: Jean-Philipe Nault (jean_nau@alcor.concordia.ca)
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 13:47:32 EDT

Yes Joshua,

I think everyone here would agree that you better get your own sounds right
away. If you ever run out of time and need a general sound source, then maybe
use a CD collection (Mike has actually put some on reserve at IITS)

Book a Tascam Portable DAT recorder from IITS (even if they are running out of
life) and go do a soundwalk in woods or downtown, record sounds in your
bathroom, kitchen, attic, etc. Record your own voice, voices from others (who
are willing).

Then transfert your sounds to a computer. You can do all that in RF-301.



Quoting Chris Leon <chrisleon@videotron.ca>:

> yo,
> the best way is to book a dat recorder from the av dept. and record
> your own.
> you can also try the sound ideas library at the av dept. a well, but
> better to record your own sound if possible.
> as far as web resources are concerned you can check out sounddogs.com
> chris
> On 4-Oct-05, at 8:07 AM, joshuafourney@planet-save.com wrote:
> > hi.
> >
> > today ill begin to work on my first EA study. I have an idea, just
> > dont
> > know where to get the sounds. Ill be working at Loyola campus and was
> > wondering that is the best way to gather some sounds. Is there an
> > online
> > source, or disks of sounds available? i guess im looking for a plan of
> > attack as opposed to wasteing too much time using google or something
> > like
> > that.
> >
> > thanx,
> >
> > -josh
> >
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JP Nault
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