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Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
From: Morgan Sutherland (
Date: Tue Oct 04 2005 - 08:44:05 EDT

Are you serious? You must realize that my improper word choice should
not be taken with such offense! I gave reasons that I had decided not
to go to Berklee! It does not have an electroacoustics program, has no
research oppurtunities as far as I have seen, and the focus on
instrumentalism was a deterant. That is why I have temporarily put it
on the "back burner".

I'm looking at colleges. I have not seen any of them. I'm judging by
the descriptions on their websites. My reply to the Illinois post was
a testement to my ignorance which was somehow turned around into and
insult, and my comments on Berklee are based one what I have read and
what I have seen. I never insulted the school, I merely stated that it
may not be right for me. Yeah, saying "aim higher" may have been the
wrong words, but that is what I've gathered so far, that Berklee is a
sort of music trade school (the best albeit), but not, as a college, a
competitor with Columbia or MIT for instance. And when I said at the
end "i might be wrong", i put that there for a reason. Mayyyyybe
because I might actually be wrong? Why do you think I'm asking you?

Please get off your high stool and realize that I'm just a kid here
asking you a question. You can choose to answer and you can choose not
to answer, but to take offense to my misconceptions based on my poor
reading comprehension, succeptability to the aesthetic value of
websites, and lack of experience is annoying, counterproductive, and

I've learned to watch my mouth when speaking of universities, but you
must allow me to the room to learn this lesson.

On 10/4/05, John Nowak <> wrote:
> On Sep 30, 2005, at 4:40 PM, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> > Oh yeah, Berklee too. That was the primary candidate until I decided
> > to aim higher.
> I realize I am a few days late, but... You, sir, are a wank. I'd tell
> you to apply to the Design and Technology program at Parsons, but
> quite frankly I don't want you around! We do other things besides
> music too, so I'm sure that would just rule it right out for you...
> - John

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