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Subject: Re: Quick guide to postmodernism (was: Re: Gibson
From: Richard Wentk (
Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 05:32:36 EDT

At 04:54 02/10/2005, you wrote:

>Certain aspects of the whole inner world of the schizophrenic are like
>that -- parts of
>the mind no longer seem to belong to you. It might happen that the
>dissociated part is
>one of your critics, real or imagined. You might feel controlled by
>cosmic forces that
>want to punish you. People might be able to read your thoughts, or
>machines are used
>to force you to recieve certain thoughts that aren't your own (the
>so-called "influencing-machine.")

My understanding of schizophrenia was that a significant symptom is the
confusion between signifiers, metaphor and reality.

So a normal person might say 'I feel invisible.' A schizophrenic will
believe they actually *are* invisible.

Similarly in reality machines are used to influence thought all the time -
hence advertising and other kinds of media manipulation. But a
schizophrenic will try to objectify this with fantasies about wires,
receivers embedded in the brain, and so on.

>In a PM situation, we're basically saying "this ISN'T actualy my hand --
>because "i" is
>really just a complicated social narrative or gentically originated
>projections. We are, in fact, extrusions of
>the world. The only thing left is a gigantic "we."

What's the difference between 'I' as a complicated social narrative, and
'we' as the same?


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