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Date: Mon Oct 03 2005 - 04:24:53 EDT

Eliot Handelman wrote:

> Dennis Bathory-Kitsz wrote:
>> I am your evidence. I'm that tiny, isolated, musically aboriginal
>> culture
>> you haven't discovered yet.
> The hypothesis was, "children who are presented with 12-tone music,
> rather than 'tonal' music,
> will grow up with an intense affinity for 12-tone music, preferring it
> to 'tonal' music." We have no
> evidence for this at all, despite various people trying. Kids develop
> their own preferences
> because as Pinker says they're not blank slates. They have genes and
> dispositions.
> Any issue about who's going to like what and why is complete bull.
> Music is complex.
> It's not just a bunch of sounds. It's a whole world.
> It's not that no one likes 12-tone music. It's just that at one time
> 12-tone music was going to replace all other music -- remember that?
> Now that's
> a simplistic way of thinking about music. That's Orwellian.
> "any composer who does not feel the NECESSITY of 12-tone music -- he
> is USELESS! and I will
> FART in HIS DIRECTION!" said Big Boulez. Boy, he scared a lot of people.
> "Shucks -- you mean -- no more ELVIS SOUND-ALIKES?"
> "Zat is exactly what I mean. and now -- get out!" He thumps him on
> the rump with his high boot.
> These are associated phenomena of what we may call the last modernism
> of contemporary music.
> The issue isn't whether the music is any good or not, or whether the
> theory adds up (it's hardly a
> theory). "Bad-sounding" meant "oh you're not advanced enough" or "you
> have to grow up with
> it," "this will be the next 100 years of music", etc, whereas the
> probability is that anybody who went for
> this music found something they liked it in it right away, or they
> were intrigued by it,
> or they found it unusual, or they wanted to be more advanced than
> their friends or parents, or
> whatever. They were not drawn in because they understood that's how
> the metanarrative went,
> and how, in consequence of which, their proclivities were to be disposed.
> '

LOL. Dennis and Eliot - you pwn.

*cheer* for Freedom in thought as well as music.


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