Re: Quick guide to postmodernism

Subject: Re: Quick guide to postmodernism
From: brian (
Date: Sun Oct 02 2005 - 01:21:06 EDT

thank you very much, Eliot.
i asked because i am paranoid-schizophrenic.
i was diagnosed in 1996, and since then some might say my
 life has been somewhat of a controllable living hell.
until your post, i have never really investigated it, just
     accepted my condition. i immediately googled your
     phrase, and much opened up. from clinical beyond my
     comprehension, to concepts i could grasp, i have been
     reading page after page of description, etc.
if you don't mind me asking, what is your association with
  schizophrenia? a theoretical interest, or aesthetic?

thank you.


Don't you hear that terrible screaming all around us,
      -the screaming that men call silence?

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