Re: Elmo & Patterns/Sounds - Computer Chickens with Yellow Feathers :-)

Subject: Re: Elmo & Patterns/Sounds - Computer Chickens with Yellow Feathers :-)
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Sat Oct 01 2005 - 12:39:12 EDT

Morgan on

exactly :-)

i'l have to tinker about DAT .. best o luck with studies & work. just
remember to bring your own bodyguard(s) :-) i think it's great all o th
questions to reach th Mountain Tops ... ;-) .. if you e'er want to see /
hear SFU i'd be happy to hang wit you and present all th step to climb
... actually SFU rented out th steps to Arnold to run huge vehicles and
what did he do but put cracks in em ? ... at SFU (and outlying arts
schools & orgs) th Audio Box (and Profs/People) have a lot o wonderful
things to teach including stuff about Pythagorus and Shadow Plays ... and
th guidance and kindness and knowledge far exceeds any lessons
about theory .. tho i've met a few acoustic & computer chickens with lips
& teeth .. theories range from simple to mathematical astrology &
computer people bordering on genius if not exceeding dis and dat ...
Soundscape & Technology ... :-) ... but as you (& i) are learning
is always and YEAH th CEC-conference to ask questions and receive all
sorts of funny & wise advice and good intentions from folks round th
international internet camp fire .. while we cook our chickens & break
bread & avacodo ... you may not like lists but others do. like Larry i'd
recommend (like a few do) don't dis other people's dats or answers. one's
silence is another persons' noise. and if th noise is too loud do i hae a
right to 'walk' away or mention that th amplifier is kinda making harsh
squeaky noizes. Glad to see you on th Board of CEC. you might be great to
sit on th Jury for th next Cache, eh Ian / Jef ? btw, Kevin did i hear
you say ' i think i ride a bike' ? lolololo with violin and harpsicord
... images o kevin on wheels ;-) are they Electric or is it a Computer
Cycle ? being kinda like that computer i got sold from DAT Guy that is
kinda like a TARDIS ;-) thank god for good people who work at radio
phonic workshops ... and computer software / hardware .. btw, when is a
chicken digital / analog / electric / acoustic ? ;-) LOL

if anyone asks me if i need help at th swimming pool, do i tell em to fK
off (my body guard, Miriam, is out back) or just say NO thanks just throw
me in th pool if i fall ;-)

diplomatically yours, sylvi macCormac
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc
siwash rock & soundscape composition
swimming out back o Kanuka Ranch
(see / hear Vancouver Archives)

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> I know that I am confused. You've been referencing me and I don't know
> what you are trying to say.
> On 10/1/05, sylvi macCormac <> wrote:
> > dear Mr Austin(s) / Et Al
> >
> > am i confused or you ? funny 'running' shoes ? chill babe ?
> >


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