Re: College Peer Chatter

Subject: Re: College Peer Chatter
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Sat Oct 01 2005 - 11:24:15 EDT

I would trust the reviews ... I've been there.

You may find that there are people who do not wish to hear or explore
two or more sides of issues. They 'simply' want the 'answers' -- and
this is not limited to students ... I have a long and complexed
history with administrators who do not wish to hear that the emperor
has no clothes.

Morgan, judging from our emails on and off list, I would guess you
are a very bright but rather frustrated individual. You have very
high expectations of yourself, and these you transfer to others.
Sadly, I have feet, legs, hips, torso, arms, and if you believe the
comments -- head of clay.

You seek things that will not be found outside of yourself. I get the
feeling that you will not find 'a place' that will provide you with
"what you seek", for like all on the path to enlightenment, the first
step is a profound devotion to self-knowledge. This is not a popular
path in academia. The individual with self-knowledge is not caught by
the Eight Winds of Buddhism, and remains a threat to emperor's and
others of "stature".

Me, I'm a simple kind of guy. I ride my bike, I think. I listen and
study. I read, I listen. I encourage people to become involved and
have worked to reduce my expectations. There is something to be
learned everywhere, from everyone. The wise man learns more from the
fool than the fool learns from the wise man.

For me, when the wise man points at the moon, I do not look at his
finger (!), I look at his eyes.

Your path will likely be tortuous. Your directness of approach will
be abrasive. With training, you will learn how abrasive to be in
given circumstances -- you will learn how (not) to suffer fools
lightly, when you see them within yourself.

It's a long hard path. We all wish you well. We wish you great
personal success because we know deep down inside that once you get a
good paying job, your success will support our pension funds.



At 10:44 -0400 2005/10/01, Morgan Sutherland wrote:
>That rate-my-proffessor is not symthathetic to some highly regarded
>people! Some of them on this list! Not sure I should trust it...
>On 10/1/05, Morgan Sutherland <> wrote:
>> See Kevin's posts in the source thread.
>> On 10/1/05, Innes A. Park <> wrote:
>> >
>> > Contrapunctally..
>> >
>> > Master Sutherland,
>> > before embarking on any course in the western hemisphere one
>>should sceptically consult the words of one's peers:
>> >
> > > (No one seems to polarise classroom opinion quite like Kev
>;-) surprising given his level headed approach to this list)
> > > I find computer music and digital sampling to be marginalised
>at its source in Sydney. Down the coast at Wollongong U its a
>different story mind you and the surf is
>better and rent cheaper..
>> >
>> > >> Hey Morgan on a Quest, have you tried Concordia ? i understan
>>not only do they have fine programs / professors / pioneers but
>>they also run to keep fit like Aussies
> > >
> > >

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