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Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
From: Greg Eustace (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 22:57:56 EDT

Quoting Morgan Sutherland <>:

> What does an electroacoustics major entail? Is that essentially a
> "computer music" degree?
> Clarifcation in this area would be appreciated.

I don't know if anyone answered you question already, I can't be bothered to
read all the posts, so here goes.

> I get the feeling that doing something along the lines of
> Computer-science major/Music minor or vice versa wouldn't be what I'm
> into. I'd be into the combination of it.

Seems to me like you want to do a music technology degree. This will likely
involve things like synthesis, DSP, musical information
storage/retrieval/analysis, gestural control, etc. You will devle deep into
these technical aspects making use of programming, electrical enigineering,
physics, math, etc. I just started a masters in Music Tech. here:

There's a lot of cutting edge technology and resources available at McGill.
There is also a sound recording program:

Electroacoustics seems to be more concerned with history, listening and
composition at least in my experience. You will certaintly receive some
technical training in this kind of degree but not near the amount you would in
music technology degree, to my understanding.

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