Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds / Computer chickens wit Teeth

Subject: Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds / Computer chickens wit Teeth
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 21:56:57 EDT

At 14:14 -0600 2005/09/30, sylvi macCormac wrote:
>dear Mr Austin et al
>... and sometimes th answers we get are more geared to others on
>this line who are (g)listening than th person asking ..

In my experience, this is what is going on. I comment to the list not
mostly to speak to the the person writing, but the 450 other people.
After 9 years and a couple of thousand replies, I have learned to do
this in a somewhat subtle way ... but I would never post this to the
list, which is why I'm writing to you off-list.

>Hey Morgan on a Quest, have you tried Concordia?

Hmmm ... he would have some mighty big shoes to try to fill. Notable
among people who have at one time or other come and stormed in and
stormed out are Eliot, Dominique and jef. These are _serious_ dudes.
Very serious. Heavy. Heavy. Quite a trio if one could ever get them
into a room together (again!).

Characteristic of all three is a steel-like mental discipline, with a
degree of .... er ... potential difficulty in their personalities...
They don't ask questions until they've worked through the issues and
researched and checked. Eliot sets himself the unenviable task of
proving himself wrong. Dominique challenges orthodoxy by having
worked in and through it and found it severely wanting. jef also
carries a sharp edge that the slow and unarmored are warned away from.

But they don't shoot from the lip. They enter discussions informed
and are keen to pick up subtle variations that may open new doors,
lead to new insights.

> - but be aware some even have Teeth ;-) aka LOL.

Hmmm ... I wonder whoever you could be talking about.... I'll ask
around and try and get a name for you. <<8-()))>>>>

chill honey


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