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Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 19:20:29 EDT

acoustics / psychoacoustics?

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

>It's a little early, but soon it's going to be time for me to start
>looking at colleges. Here's what I want in a college:
>I live in Massachusetts. This means that anywhere not in New England
>is a plane ride away pretty much. This adds a few thousand dollars to
>the tuition price. I'm not rich. Let's essentially disregard this for
>the moment however. California for all extensive purposes is not going
>to be out of the question. The U.K. however, is.
>Fields of study. The short unspecific answer: Computer music.
>I'm not sure exactly what field of study I want to enter, but I know
>what I don't want.
>I don't want to be a music major. Music theory isn't a passion for me.
>I'm afraid of it.
>I get the feeling that doing something along the lines of
>Computer-science major/Music minor or vice versa wouldn't be what I'm
>into. I'd be into the combination of it.
>What does an electroacoustics major entail? Is that essentially a
>"computer music" degree?
>Clarifcation in this area would be appreciated.
>What I want to do:
>Make music throughout my whole life. Hopefully make money from it.
>Design software/hardware for the creation of music. I'm very
>interested in interfaces. My mind could change of course completely,
>but this is where I want to aim. That general area.
>Combining computer science and music, but not as mutually exclusive
>entities, that's where I want to go.
>My grades are good. B+/A-. My GPA is currently a 3.65. It should go up
>to a 3.7 this year. I've been getting better grades than in the past.
>My PSAT scores have been good (haven't taken SATs yet). They've been
>very good: A's.
>My grades have fluctuated a lot however. There are a few C's and an F in there.
>I would like to go somewhere with research opportunities. Because of
>this, many of the top universities are interesting, but I'm not sure
>I'll make the cut.
>What I've been interested in so far:
>Concordia in Montreal
>Art Institute of Chicago
>MIT (Mass Institute of Technology)
>Columbia University in New York
>Stanford University
>CalArts (CREATE program)
>University of Washington (DX Arts)
>University of Santa Barbara (Create with Curtis Roads)
>Add to my list!
>I'd also looove to attend MIT (Media Lab) or Dartmouth
>(electroacoustics) for their graduate programs.
>Recommendations? Comments? Questions?

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