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Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
From: Ivan Elezovic (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 18:43:27 EDT

Dear Morgan Sutherland:

As being a part of this list for quite a while, it was pleasure for me
to read the comments of the people that I admire. However, I am the one
who is presently studying at the University of Illinois, not in Chicago
but rather in Urbana-Champaign. Since next month I suppose to defend my
doctoral dissertation, I would like to let you know that I had a great
time studying with the people such as Scott Wyatt and previously as a
part of my master degree at McGill University with Zack Settel and
Alcides Lanza.
I would never give myself a certain permission to judge any school in
North America based on where the school is located. I would always make
a choice based on what the specific school can offer to me and what is
the quality of the program that I am interested in. They teach us here,
among the other things, to stay away from generalizations, and to
always show a specific respect for colleagues, other schools and
especially for composers that are already in our music books. Some of
them are already present in this mailing list. These are perhaps much
more valuable things than any lesson from computer music, composition,
Before you make such a comments regarding University of Illinois and
any other school, please visit our experimental music studios web-site

and you will soon discover that the people such as John Cage, Herbert
Brun, and Lejaren Hiller among the others, established and worked in
our studios. Historically, our studios are one of the first studios in
western hemisphere.
If you ever travel through Illinois, stop by our university and I can
offer you my hospitality with pleasure. I think that you will be
impressed with our "mini" museum before entering to some of the studios
where the original photographs of all famous composers who worked here
are posted.
I think for the beginning, that this could be one of the strong reason
why somebody would decide to come to study computer music not in
Chicago but rather in Urbana-Champaign.


Ivan Elezovic

On Sep 30, 2005, at 3:16 PM, Morgan Sutherland wrote:

> Good websites are essential. Judging by your website, I would
> completely rule out your program. And I really don't want to end up in
> Illinoise... unless it's Chicago.
> On 9/30/05, James Phelps <> wrote:
>> Morgan,
>> You are welcome to peruse our site to read-up on our
>> contract degree program (BGS or BA) in Computer Music
>> and New Media Technology. The Site is hardly
>> impressive - in serious need of rejuvenation - gotta
>> find a student to do that. :>)
>> Feel free to ask any questions if you have any and ...
>> the best of luck to ya!
>> -Jim Phelps
>> --- Morgan Sutherland <> wrote:
>>> It's a little early, but soon it's going to be time
>>> for me to start
>>> looking at colleges. Here's what I want in a
>>> college:
>>> I live in Massachusetts. This means that anywhere
>>> not in New England
>>> is a plane ride away pretty much. This adds a few
>>> thousand dollars to
>>> the tuition price. I'm not rich. Let's essentially
>>> disregard this for
>>> the moment however. California for all extensive
>>> purposes is not going
>>> to be out of the question. The U.K. however, is.
>>> Fields of study. The short unspecific answer:
>>> Computer music.
>>> I'm not sure exactly what field of study I want to
>>> enter, but I know
>>> what I don't want.
>>> I don't want to be a music major. Music theory isn't
>>> a passion for me.
>>> I'm afraid of it.
>>> I get the feeling that doing something along the
>>> lines of
>>> Computer-science major/Music minor or vice versa
>>> wouldn't be what I'm
>>> into. I'd be into the combination of it.
>>> What does an electroacoustics major entail? Is that
>>> essentially a
>>> "computer music" degree?
>>> Clarifcation in this area would be appreciated.
>>> What I want to do:
>>> Make music throughout my whole life. Hopefully make
>>> money from it.
>>> Design software/hardware for the creation of music.
>>> I'm very
>>> interested in interfaces. My mind could change of
>>> course completely,
>>> but this is where I want to aim. That general area.
>>> Combining computer science and music, but not as
>>> mutually exclusive
>>> entities, that's where I want to go.
>>> My grades are good. B+/A-. My GPA is currently a
>>> 3.65. It should go up
>>> to a 3.7 this year. I've been getting better grades
>>> than in the past.
>>> My PSAT scores have been good (haven't taken SATs
>>> yet). They've been
>>> very good: A's.
>>> My grades have fluctuated a lot however. There are a
>>> few C's and an F in there.
>>> I would like to go somewhere with research
>>> opportunities. Because of
>>> this, many of the top universities are interesting,
>>> but I'm not sure
>>> I'll make the cut.
>>> What I've been interested in so far:
>>> Concordia in Montreal
>>> Art Institute of Chicago
>>> MIT (Mass Institute of Technology)
>>> Columbia University in New York
>>> Stanford University
>>> CalArts (CREATE program)
>>> University of Washington (DX Arts)
>>> University of Santa Barbara (Create with Curtis
>>> Roads)
>>> Add to my list!
>>> I'd also looove to attend MIT (Media Lab) or
>>> Dartmouth
>>> (electroacoustics) for their graduate programs.
>>> Recommendations? Comments? Questions?
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