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Subject: Re: Let's Talk About College
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Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 17:11:10 EDT

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> Subject: Let's Talk About College
> What I want to do:
> Make music throughout my whole life. Hopefully make money from it.

Well Morgan, regardless of what academic stature you reach, when you go to
find work, a lot of the knowledge you may have could very easily be verging
on obsolete, especially with today's computer-produced music. At that point
you usually have to have a very good attitude. I have often heard people say
"hire for attitude, train for experience".
 I have had lots of friends who came from being kings of the SSL and Neve to
rank amateurs at Pro-Tools and computers. Usually though, their ears and
attitudes helped them through the rather steep learning curve. My advice to
you is to work on those two aspects of your career (especially the attitude

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