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Subject: Re: EQ plug-ins
From: Antti Sakari Saario (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 05:47:47 EDT

Dear Ian,

I have been using Waves (Renaissance, Q10, PhaseLinear EQ), Periscope
and GRM EQ with Dynaudio BM15As, BM6As, BM5As (all with and without a
BX30 or a BM10s) and ATC SCM100A Pros in various acoustically treated
rooms (and at home too) and find all of them useful in very different
circumstances. The Waves EQs cannot nor should really be compared with
GRM and Audioease offerings due to the inherent differences between
parametric and graphic designs.

  I have to admit that I am a very keen fan of Periscope (apart from the
fact that the faders are tad small to my liking and it is TOO easy to
move the frequency bands down by quite a few dbs by accident). I used
to use the old TDM GRM EQ a lot and it being very powerful it certainly
is not transparent - try switching it on with no boost or attenuation
and you still hear a very clear difference in your sound. I have a
limited experience with their latest EQ but do feel more at ease (bun
intended) with Periscope mainly due to more transparent sound and the
very useful way you can 'zoom' your available frequency bands to where
you want/need them.

What comes to Waves the PhaseLinear EQ is rather smooth but does eat up
your processing power (we run it on a HD3 and still!) so I tend to
normally reach for the Renaissance EQ when looking for a that
parametric touch (usually in pop/rock/jazz mixes) even though Q10 is
more neutral I have grown to like the RenEQ and it is cheaper. Thing
with Waves stuff is that by the time you fork out a lot of money for
one of the Bundles you really want to be getting some good results and
if you find that you do not need all the other bells and whistles in
the package then it is sometimes better to go for the real deal and buy
an outboard unit, particularly if you do not need an EQ an all your
channels. We have a TLAudio EQ 2 and despite not being a Massive
Passive it does give one access to a very usable EQ with a slight
colour within a reasonable budget (and those units are built like
tanks, I accidentally dropped my own unit from the back of a full
length truck onto concrete and it worked fine and this was after it had
got lost for 3 days in the European airport luggage system!!!). Right I
better stop as I am gettin' OT and beginning to sound like a TLAudio
sales person.

Happy EQing whatever you get!


On 30 Sep 2005, at 10:21, Ian Stewart wrote:

> Has anyone with good monitoring done comparison tests of various
> software EQs? I'd be interested to hear opinions about EQs available
> as ProTools inserts, with sound quality being the most important
> criterion. Specifically, any thoughts on:
> -Waves EQ;
> -AudioEase Periscope;
> -Sonalksis EQ;
> -GRM Tools EQ;
> or other possiblities? Thanks and all the best,
> Ian
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