Re: EQ plug-ins

Subject: Re: EQ plug-ins
From: Jan L. (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 05:42:44 EDT

Sony Oxford EQ with GML-extension which I very much preferred to the
ones I compared it to. McDSP Filterbank, Digi EQ-II, GRM-EQ,
Focusrite d2, MDW EQ

Be sure to test the Digi EQ-III which is said to sound very good and
is a free download.

I have only tested TDM-versions.

30 sep 2005 kl. 11.21 skrev Ian Stewart:

> Has anyone with good monitoring done comparison tests of various
> software EQs? I'd be interested to hear opinions about EQs
> available as ProTools inserts, with sound quality being the most
> important criterion. Specifically, any thoughts on:
> -Waves EQ;
> -AudioEase Periscope;
> -Sonalksis EQ;
> -GRM Tools EQ;
> or other possiblities? Thanks and all the best,
> Ian

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