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Subject: Re: EQ plug-ins
From: Alistair MacDonald (
Date: Fri Sep 30 2005 - 05:40:45 EDT

We have TC Tools, focusrite EQ, standard digi EQ, the free 7band digi eq and GRM Tools

I was recently processing some sounds recorded in Malaysia - insects in the rainforest - specifically reducing background low frequency noise (a big river roaring close by). I ended up using the free 7 band digi eq because
1 - the image did not change noticably when eq was applied (I was surprised how much it did with the others - only noticed this because I was listening to very high frequency sounds & not much else)
2 - the application of severe cut was very smooth and left little resonance around the cutoff
Also handy is the ability to use the TDM version to set the settings then use the Audiosuite version to process the result (for long files this is a boon)

However I use all of the others in different circumstances.
focusrite is very gentle (smooth?!)
TC is flexible & good for notching out unpleasant things
GRM graphic eq faders go down to -inf unlike any of the above so you can do quite radical things
free digi simple eq - great for removing DC (cut at 20Hz does the trick much better than DC removal plugin)



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>>> 09/30/05 10:21 AM >>>

Has anyone with good monitoring done comparison tests of various software EQs? I'd be interested to hear opinions about EQs available as ProTools
inserts, with sound quality being the most important criterion.
Specifically, any thoughts on:

 -Waves EQ;
 -AudioEase Periscope;
 -Sonalksis EQ;
 -GRM Tools EQ;

or other possiblities? Thanks and all the best,


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