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Subject: Re: Computer chicken
From: Dominique Bassal (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 23:40:35 EDT

With illimited time or ressources, what you say is absolutely right.
But in a context where you have to deliver maximum quality at a decent
price, most studio managers I know don't really appreciate that kind of
"piquant". The exception being the very expensive, fashionable studios
that can afford an in-house technician. But that kind of operation need
a constant input of "stars" just to stay open, input that can only be
guaranteed by a PR structure of some kind. From my experience, they
don't last more than a few years. The "surviving" studios are very
conservative with equipment, and will always go for the "dependable"
machines. Hence the success of the rather unsophisticated Digidesign

Le 05-09-29, à 10:34, James Bailey a écrit :

> Dominique Bassal wrote:
>> To me, computer music bluntly means the end of the miserable way of
>> doing music.
> To me, "that" way of music would only be a misery for those
> ill-prepared,
> unable, or unwilling to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of a goal.
> Many of the items in the (deleted) list of problems you mention are
> things
> that I either delight in when they happen, or find a worthy challenge
> when
> I want to eliminate them or at least mitigate their effect. Sure, the
> investigative process can prove annoying and frustrating at times, but
> when the source is found and successfully corrected the sense of
> accomplishment can be immense. Flipping a switch on a box, or whatever,
> and getting exactly what one wants, every time without fail holds no
> interest for me.
> One of my least favourite devices is a digital delay. I would rather
> hear
> a record skipping; at least I know that will change during the course
> of
> my life. Much as I admire the guitar-playing of Robert Fripp and find
> most
> of the sounds he creates with sound modules quite beautiful, I still
> prefer what he created with two tape machines (as I still do) because
> of
> its organic, evolving nature.
> Perhaps that is why my preferrence is for live, in-the-moment,
> seat-of-yer-pants improvisation. Nothing against a well crafted piece
> created with a computer by a capable composer, but it's unlikely you'll
> hear one from me. ;-)
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Dominique Bassal

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