Internet radio performance this Friday, Sept. 30

Subject: Internet radio performance this Friday, Sept. 30
From: Eric Leonardson (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 18:57:06 EDT

This is my first post to the CEC list since recently joining. I'd like
to say hello from Chicago and invite you to this on-line radio art event:


Friday, September 30, 1:00 PM--2:00 PM (GMT-6/US Central Time)

Listen on-line to the live audio stream <>,
QuickTime required.

This 1-hour webcast is the result of 13 individual site investigations
of specific city spaces in the downtown Chicago area. All sounds and
voices are produced through a month-long process of mapping, scoring,
field recording, historical research, writing and improvisation.
References for this project include the ideas and works of R. Murray
Schafer, John Cage, Robert Smithson, John Smith, Graeme Miller, Goat
Island, and Inge Hoonte.

An Internet radio performance on Free Radio SAIC
<>, by students of Eric Leonardson and Inge
Hoonte's First Year Program Core Studio Time Group, at The School of the
Art Institute of Chicago.

Phone in. Studio: 312-345-3804; on-air: 312-345-3805.

announcement flyer

Past radio performances and more can heard in the Free Radio SAIC

Thank you.

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