Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds

Subject: Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds
From: Michael Gogins (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 17:01:43 EDT

Well, I think Heidegger was simply wrong.

I think the essence of man is something more along the lines of glorifying God, or love, or direct insight into Sunyata, or something like that.

I think Heidegger (and his sort-of heirs the postmodernists and postructuralists) wanted a kind of transcendence (the questioning, the revealing) without anything actually existing outside of the world, outside of nature. A kind of transcendence without transcendence. I don't think that works.

So I think there are answers to catch, and I think it is better to have the answer than to always be asking the question.

I'm not a member of any religion, and I'm a Darwinian and have a deep appreciation of science and of the metaphysics underlying science, but I think that the success of science has poleaxed us, we are running blind. Not that I have any intention of retreating into fundamentlism. In my view fundamentalism of the kind at work today, whether in Hindutva, or Israel, or Jihadists, or conservative Christians in the USA, is a form of idolatry itself. Two idolatries then: science treated as if it has all the answers, and some pickled revelation treated as if it has all the answers.


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kinda off-topic but all these searches for answers/the answer reminded me of
Heidegger's saying: the essence of man has the form of a question.
 since our time-line is a strait line heading into nowhere (or somewhere?),
there are no answers to catch. (this applies mostly to fundamental questions
usually starting with why)
in other words: "the question of what one is, is part of what one is."
 However, I'd like to know why I like music and sound so much. There might
be an answer for this one somewhere. Keep searching...

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