Re: home networks

Subject: Re: home networks
From: Owen Green (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 15:38:29 EDT

Ethernet controlled by a netgear cable router, a mixture of macs and
windows boxes, internet is 3meg downstream and an effective 300k
upstream. It's never seriously loaded (there's only two of us here most
of the time).

I've not tried voiP or any streaming - my upstream bandwidth isn't
really up to the job for streaming.

I had a belkin router before. It was rubbish, don't get one :)

Linda Seltzer wrote:
> Does anyone out there have a home network? If so, what type,
> configuration? Are you satisfied with it? Do you have voice
> over IP or audio streaming on it? How is the speed of your
> Internet access?

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