Re: home networks

Subject: Re: home networks
From: Dennis Bathory-Kitsz (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 14:50:36 EDT

At 02:36 PM 9/29/05 -0400, Linda Seltzer wrote:
>Does anyone out there have a home network?


>If so, what type,

5 computers and 5 printers networked via a WinGate server. Two are wired
(through a switch) and three are wireless (through a wireless access
point). The WAP is password-protected so folks going by (not that we have
many on this little Vermont road) won't get into the system.

All the computers here are Windows, but the server runs protocols (NAT and
DHCP) that the occasional visitor with a Mac or Linux laptop can use.

I also run VNC, a nice bit of freeware which runs any given computer's
desktop on any other computer.

>Are you satisfied with it?

Extremely. We rarely have to think about it, and the firewall has been 100%
effective. I've had the network for about 7 or 8 years -- can't recall
exactly -- installing wireless about a year or so ago.

The server runs on an old Pentium 266 Windows 98 box, but just sits there
working (between local power failures, anyway). I used to have a mail
server, but the big services are rejecting mail from cable and DSL IP
blocks now, so I have to go through my web host or ISP mail relay.

>Do you have voice
>over IP or audio streaming on it?

Both. I have Skype for voip, which I just installed today. It works great,
but it ain't a real phone. :) I rarely use streaming in the house, but
occasionally run a Shoutcast service for special events.

>How is the speed of your
>Internet access?

Cable modem about about 800K.


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