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Subject: Re: Computer chicken
From: James Bailey (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 10:34:33 EDT

Dominique Bassal wrote:

> To me, computer music bluntly means the end of the miserable way of
> doing music.

To me, "that" way of music would only be a misery for those ill-prepared,
unable, or unwilling to overcome obstacles in the pursuit of a goal.

Many of the items in the (deleted) list of problems you mention are things
that I either delight in when they happen, or find a worthy challenge when
I want to eliminate them or at least mitigate their effect. Sure, the
investigative process can prove annoying and frustrating at times, but
when the source is found and successfully corrected the sense of
accomplishment can be immense. Flipping a switch on a box, or whatever,
and getting exactly what one wants, every time without fail holds no
interest for me.

One of my least favourite devices is a digital delay. I would rather hear
a record skipping; at least I know that will change during the course of
my life. Much as I admire the guitar-playing of Robert Fripp and find most
of the sounds he creates with sound modules quite beautiful, I still
prefer what he created with two tape machines (as I still do) because of
its organic, evolving nature.

Perhaps that is why my preferrence is for live, in-the-moment,
seat-of-yer-pants improvisation. Nothing against a well crafted piece
created with a computer by a capable composer, but it's unlikely you'll
hear one from me. ;-)

Jim Bailey

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