Re: Computer chicken

Subject: Re: Computer chicken
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 09:10:38 EDT

> ... what makes computer music computer
> music?" If you have some answers, please respond to Martin Supper
> <>

I've disliked the term 'computer music' ever since I first heard it- cart
before the horse, computer before the music. The terminology certainly has
more currency in some places than in others; I rarely hear 'computer music'
used in the UK or in Canada, but it is obviously very common elsewhere. I
wonder how many practitioners would choose to describe their work as
'computer music', rather than, say, 'sonic art'?

While the long history of its usage probably would prevent any more
restrictive definition, I think I'd prefer it if 'computer music' were used
where the computer was actively involved in the composition of the work,
i.e. making musical decisions, and not just as one of many tools in its
creation (in some EA, the microphone may be more important than the
computer, but does anyone use the term 'microphone music'?). Mind, the
distinction here is very fuzzy...

all the best,

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