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Subject: Re: Computer chicken
From: Mark Ballora (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 08:12:57 EDT

What makes flute music flute music?
What makes guitar music guitar music?

Not a guitar or flute performance, but guitar or flute music?

You'd probably answer that if the music can be played on either
instrument, then there is no difference.

But if the music has idiomatic elements that make it particularly
suited for one instrument and not for another, you could call it
"[that instrument] music."

If a computer is used to create musical material that cannot be
realized on other instruments (Barry Truax's granular pieces come
immediately to mind, followed immediately by many others...), then
you have an example of Computer Music.


PS - I have a set of three rubber chickens on my office wall,
connected by banana clips. One is labelled with a Danger High Voltage
sticker. When people ask why, I reply "How can I have a music
technology curriculum without rubber chickens?"

> "An
>observation: if you grill a chicken in a modern, computer-controlled
>electric oven, the result will be neither more nor less than grilled
>chicken. It is not computer chicken. Applying this observation to music
>demands that one ask the question, what makes computer music computer

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