Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds

Subject: Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds
From: Owen Green (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 08:04:36 EDT

Morgan Sutherland wrote:
> It's so aggravating when you ask these types of questions on the
> Internet because I end up with a long list of books...
> I'm looking for scientific reports and recommendations, not lists.

Why? These things are discussions, not facts. No amount of scientific
experiment is going to provide 'answers' to your questions because
aesthetics are also bound up in relationships between people, not in
only in a series of inevitable physical reactions to stimuli.

Making and perceiving music is always, in some respect, a social event;
we make it with the inetion that other people should listen to it, we
make it with other people etc.

For sure, the results of scientific enquiry are useful - acoustics,
psychoacoustics, and signal processing in particular - but a practice
based solely upon these factors would be impoverished. The real meat of
people's reactions are bound up in factors that are inherently fluid,
un-fixed, thus the joyous mountain of ideas, theories and outright
speculations, almost none of which you'll find yourself in total
agreement with. Huzzah!

> If you could recommend one book, what would it be. (on this subject)

I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing :) People have mentioned Meyer
already; I find him easy to read, and he mostly talks sense. There would
be books I would take great pleasure in not reccomending, if I thought
there was anything constructive to be gained from /not/ reading a book,
even one which is almost entirely disagreeable and poisonous (maybe
they're of particular value).

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