Re: Accademia Musicale Pescarese - Pierre Schaeffer Computer Music Competition ?

Subject: Re: Accademia Musicale Pescarese - Pierre Schaeffer Computer Music Competition ?
From: Felipe Otondo (
Date: Thu Sep 29 2005 - 04:44:04 EDT

I just want to make a late reply to the email about the entry fee for the
Pierre Schaeffer Competition. As Antti, I also applied and also send an
email asking them to clarify me why the issue of the fee was never
mentioned in any email or in the web page of the competition. I have now
received the email with the "modified" rules stating that you have to pay
the 20 Euros. I think that this whole issue about fees for competitions and
festivals is quite a morally complicated issue. Definitely not very
encouraging for young composers like me if you have to pay fees all the
time to get your stuff played or accepted for competitions. One wonders
what is really the point in all this activities. An interesting example of
this was the ICMC in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago. As you probably know,
one has to pay to submit a piece to the ICMC. The thing was that most of
the "selected" pieces were not even played in concerts. They were put in
two listening rooms (small classrooms with a CD or DVD player and two
speakers) so that people could listen to them. One group of pieces everyday
in each of the two classrooms. As you can imagine, the rooms were always
empty and most of the people didn't even realised that this activities were
going on. I only saw another person that went there and sat down to listen
to the pieces for more than a few seconds. At the end, all that pieces
appeared in the program as "played" at the ICMC and I guess most of the
composers were quite happy to have a piece selected and "played" for the
event. Just wondering if that really happened...



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On Sep 27 2005, Antti Sakari Saario wrote:

> Did anyone else on the list receive a rather cryptic email requesting > an entry fee to the 'Pierre Schaeffer Computer Music Competition 2005' > (well this is what I am guessing they are referring as they are the > competition organisers even though the competition is not explicitly > stated in the mail)? As far as I can see the rules as found at > make no mention of this. > > Thanks, > Antti > > > Dr Antti Sakari Saario > Lecturer and Director of Studies in Music Technology > LICA - Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts > Lancaster University, LA1 4YW, UK > Tel: +44(0)1524594496 / Fax: +44(0)1524 593939 > >

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