Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds

Subject: Re: Emotional Association with Structure/Patterns/Sounds
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 23:46:05 EDT

Morgan Sutherland wrote:

>Could somebody point me in the direction of research/books/ideas about
>why certain structures and patterns resonate on different emotional
>levels to different people. Questions like, why are some chords "sad"
>and others "scary". Why do we like the stander
>verse-chorus-verse...... structure and all that jazz.
>I feel like there should be a significant amount of research in this
>area. If there is not
my B.Mus thesis was on this topic... archived in Australia, where I grew
up, so i have no idea how to get hold of it... i left the country
shortly afterwards...

from what i remember, Vincenzo Galilei, Plato, and in particular the
Baroque period are where to start looking - the theory of the 'affects'.
i shall try to dig up more from 12 years ago, but there was a book where
i started, which had snippets and essays from all of these....

Paul Hindemith also had a 'harmony of the spheres' from which he derived
affects, and of course there is Olivier Messiaen. One has to start
looking first in Greek philosophy, tutorials on the Mediaeval modes,
Renaissance philosophy, and finally Baroque theory on the affects to
find the origins. from there, it was continued in the beginnings of
science and physics, and into the 20th century.

what i'm curious about is.... whats happening /now/ with 'affect' ? in
the computer age?

hope that helps,


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