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From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 23:41:12 EDT

Kevin Austin wrote:

> Thanks for all of those who contribute to developing and maintaining
> our awareness. These friends may have disabilities, but they are our
> teachers.


i believe, as sylvi does, in the term (dis)ability.

some people may have read a while back i developed epilepsy as an adult,
somewhere around a year ago. (dis)ability means i am restricted in my
bursts of trolling CEC-discuss at the computer... but it is most strange
and has lead to experiences i will not forget in its auras... generally
unpleasant, some I do not wish to put into words, but some most

the other night - as it has flared up again for a bit - i had a seizure
where i didnt actually move but /heard/ my nerves seizing.... scrapes
and grinding like teeth grinding or saws.... i could, given time and
recovery from the event, put this in music, at present it is too close
to the bone (pun intended) to manage but the synaesthesia opened me to
something entirely different that I have never in my life experienced,
except perhaps from the day where i felt music as well as heard it...
most peculiar but no non-epileptic would understand - those of us who
are afflicted by dis dis(ability) know what it is to have our senses
lose control in temporal lobe epilepsy...

and then there is the question of suffering... if one does not suffer...
where does depth come from in life, do we simply live as those who
'blink' as Nietzsche describes it (Thus Spake Zarathustra), those who
have become too comfortable, and our society dies in its
self-centredness and blinks away....

(dis)ability in the various forms i have has caused variable suffering
and learning. i would not change a day of my life though i regret many.


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