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Subject: Re: On Harvest Moon
From: Chris Leon (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 08:24:03 EDT


What about using a 4 to 8 channel system instead? what about
programming pieces that are more "suited" to that particular room? (Ned
made some interesting points about this during his 5.1 presentation,
which i heard over the web.). what about using these "off concerts" to
attract people to the full scale 18-22 speaker setup at the concert
as i said more imaginative ways...


> Chris, let's be honest, the Casa sux for sound. Musics in which
> "sound" is not a _primary_ concern (another discussion entirely...)
> certainly do not suffer dramatically, but most electroacoustic works
> would suffer immeasurably. The Sala Rossa (Casa's larger concert hall
> across the hall) might be better, but is certainly not
> acousmatic-friendly. EuCuE concerts makes regular use of 18-22
> high-quality speakers, two ADATs, DA-88s etc... Concerts such as
> those produced at ConU transplanted to Sala Rossa (for example) would
> require renting or hauling the gear across the city (not to mention
> renting transportation and renting the hall for three days straight).

At 15:15 -0400 9/25/05, Chris Leon wrote:
> I think that the CEC concerts need to think of more imaginative ways
> to promote their concerts. While I think that the Oscar Peterson Hall
> has great sonic capabilities, it would be nice to see a CEC concert at
> Casa Del Popolo for example.

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