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Subject: Re: On Harvest Moon
From: sylvi macCormac (
Date: Wed Sep 28 2005 - 02:20:08 EDT

dear Jeff / Ian / Kevin / Et Al

< difficulties with moibility > yes ;-) moibility is an even worse
conun.drum than mobility issues. Even going downhille is not fast enough to
travel 5000 miles across th frozen tundra and not hit th Igloos in QC ;-) but
this WWW is a wonderful tool of communication amd inclusion and Harvest Moon
is a prime example of th Choir from th Mountain coming to th People rather
than 'draggin' th people up th Mont Royal or down to la Casa on th downtown
east side or was that Moore street in Dublin ;-) .. kind of like a really
good shadow puppet play or John Oswals in a venue with 30 steps ... to
climb/fall down laughing ... well, surely we are more cape-able than people
give us credit for. do i look that stupid ? ;-) or is it just that installing
dumb waiters in old buildings breaks th arts budget ? still web conferencing
is not live and there will always be need for accessable with good parking
spaces fir those who drive and prefer to park their vehicle rather than ride
up to th stage :-)

it is good to build bridges or at least build a pool to swim between two
solitudes ... :-) ... tho we all know EA & Water
(drip.drop.tip.tap.drip.drip.loop) do not mix ? ;-)

btw, when we create a Website with CDs - - i want to use th wonderful example
of th CEC as a model ... with conference (aka dis.cuss :-)

questing west, sylvi macCormac (drop kick murphy's cousin)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ / na / da / bc / siwash rock & soundscape composition

WHEELS Soundscapes & CD Compilations (2006 / 08 / 10 )
Produced by sylvi macCormac with Conrad Burek
with consultation from Colin Nairne & Jim Vallance

with voices of people with dis abilities and Dal Richard's
Big Band Bkwrds juried by folks from SOCAN / CBC / SLFA / SUN VAMS
(Vancouver Adapted Music Society) with info & links
to Artists, Adapted Technologies, Music Education, Web Conference

jef chippewa wrote:

> Andrew (and others),
> The CEC's AGM was webcast for the first time this
> year (although I believe there was a conference
> call or something in the past), allowing members
> from around the world to listen in. We also had a
> chatroom setup to allow those distant members to
> participate and even vote, but for technical
> reasons the chatroom had to be canned this year.
> The effect of this was a significant jump in the
> number of members "present" at the meeting (those
> distant members were also able to view documents
> prepared for the AGM). And, as i understand it,
> the Harvest Moon organisers decided on the
> webcast of their events because the CEC's
> administration was actively involved in
> coordinating it (the webcast). So the CEC's
> activities - in this case a fairly minor one,
> admittedly, and one geared specifically towards
> the active members of the CEC - were of an
> indirect benefit to the international community.
> More CEC activities here:
> eContact!, webjournal in its 9th year of production
> SONUS - online "jukebox" with over 1500
> electroacoustic works from around the world
> Jeu de temps / Times Play (now starting its 6th
> year) - competition promoting young and emerging
> (canadian) sound artists, with a CD compilation
> spotlighting the top 8-11 works that is
> distributed internationally to people and
> institutions active in the production and support
> of electroacoustics (CEC members, radio
> programmes and stations, concert promoters and
> various important cultural organizations).
> The CEC remains open to suggestions for and
> offers for involvement in future "activities", as
> Kevin Austin has already explained.
> Additionally, I should point out that full CEC
> members may vote on the various issues and
> proposals tabled at the CEC's AGMs. For more
> details on becoming a CEC member, and thereby
> helping support the CEC's many activities and
> projects, please visit:
> I hope this answers some of your questions/concerns.
> Regards,
> jef chippewa
> CEC Adminstrative co-Director
> PS concert or meeting webcasts allow not only
> people in other cities to witness or participate
> in the goings-on, but also people who have
> difficulties with moibility.
> --
> Communauté électroacoustique canadienne (CEC)
> Canadian Electroacoustic Community
> Université Concordia RF-302, 7141 rue Sherbrooke
> ouest, Montréal QC CANADA H4B 1R6
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