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From: jef chippewa (
Date: Tue Sep 27 2005 - 22:15:20 EDT

[prelude] i showed noam chomsky's "distorted
morality" this weekend with an open invitation,
and there was someone that found out about it,
didn't know anyone at the viewing, but had no
issue with driving 2-1/2 hours to see a two hour
film (talk + question/answer session), and back
home after it was over.

At 15:15 -0400 9/25/05, Chris Leon wrote:
>I think that the CEC concerts need to think of
>more imaginative ways to promote their concerts.
>While I think that the Oscar Peterson Hall has
>great sonic capabilities, it would be nice to
>see a CEC concert at Casa Del Popolo for example.

Chris, let's be honest, the Casa sux for sound.
Musics in which "sound" is not a _primary_
concern (another discussion entirely...)
certainly do not suffer dramatically, but most
electroacoustic works would suffer immeasurably.
The Sala Rossa (Casa's larger concert hall across
the hall) might be better, but is certainly not
acousmatic-friendly. EuCuE concerts makes regular
use of 18-22 high-quality speakers, two ADATs,
DA-88s etc... Concerts such as those produced at
ConU transplanted to Sala Rossa (for example)
would require renting or hauling the gear across
the city (not to mention renting transportation
and renting the hall for three days straight).

In my view, if you want to support an event, you
go to it, I mean Montréal has quite a decent
public transportation system, and there is lots
of free parking right outside the Oscar Peterson
Concert Hall (cf prelude).

Ian Stewart and KA have already pointed out that
the EuCuE series is NOT a CEC activity, but I
think these points are important to consider as

>This would be a more centralized location and reach out to a wider audience.

Oh... that... audience... discussion... again...

>A [...] concert at a non-Campus location could
>then be promoted on various University radio
>stations and written media.

I think this is true of any concert/event, no?



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