Re: ality Structuring

Subject: Re: ality Structuring
From: miriam clinton (iriXx) (
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 22:41:34 EDT

Kevin Austin wrote:

> IMV, the graduate student in ea needs to have come in contact with
> issues of instrument / software design, multiple aesthetics and (for
> example) concrete poetry and text sound composition.

then Concordia is very lucky to have you there.

this was not the emphasis in any of the schools i have attended, bar one
where i was free to do as i liked, but others adhered to the 'lets find
a nice juicy bit of textbook' model....

i was considered 'banal' by one of the schools for writing a Bbmaj7
chord at the climax of one of my (instrumental) works.... i flipped them
the bird as Eminem would say and did it anyhow....



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