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Subject: Re: On Harvest Moon
From: Ian Stewart (
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 15:55:51 EDT

Andrew McCallum wrote:
 --> _ How many people were at the CEC AGM? How many people are members? It
is a big
list and is well represented by montreal based artists, where was everybody,
is the CEC losing (or has it lost) its standing? <--

Dear Andrew, and CEC-Conference,

I hope you won't judge the CEC's 'standing' by the attendance at the AGM,
but rather by the strengths of CEC activities. The AGM is a good way to find
out more about the CEC, meet others working with the organization,
contribute ideas, or otherwise get involved. In reality, however, it isn't
possible even for many board members to attend- the majority live too far
from Montreal for it to be practical. Most CEC planning is conducted online,
and anyone wishing to get involved or offer feedback on CEC activities can
do this in other ways than by attending the AGM. I am personally always
happy to receive emails about CEC projects, and comments of more general
interest can be posted to this list.

Do also bear in mind that the CEC is largely a volunteer-run organization,
operating with limited resources since the Canada Council stopped giving
core funding to music organizations in the mid-90s. Despite this, the site
visit stats for the listening library Sonus or the online journal eContact,
just to name two examples, indicate to me that a large section of the EA
community finds value in the CEC's projects, which we are continually
working to improve.

If anyone is interested to see who is a CEC member, there is a list on the
webpage, at, under 'Membership'.

My very best wishes,

Ian Stewart
President of the CEC Board

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