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Subject: Re: On Harvest Moon
From: Arne Eigenfeldt (
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 15:00:28 EDT

On Sep 25, 2005, at 11:01 AM, Ned Bouhalassa wrote:

> PS: This, I'm sure is not only about Concordia, BTW.

It's interesting to hear these comments. Here in Vancouver, and
especially SFU, we suffer from many of the same problems: low
attendance at EA events, not enough attendance by students at events,
and difficulty in getting faculty from other universities/colleges
coming to events. I had somehow imagined that these were local
concerns, not something that the great EA Mecca of Montreal also

When I was a student in my twenties, I went to every event that I
could afford. I was impressed when I saw the same composers come out
to these events, and disappointed when I didn't see others. Why
wouldn't they attend these events?

Now that I'm in my forties and in academia, I realize the answer.
Simply put, we now have lives outside EA. In my specific case, I've
chosen to live in suburbia for the sake of my family - a one hour
commute to a downtown concert at a time when my kids need to be put
to bed isn't something I choose to do as frequently as, perhaps, my
students would like. Balancing a family life with a career isn't
unique to composers, of course, but the difficulty is compounded by
the fact that most artistic events occur during regular family hours.

I believe what Mark and Kevin have done, in trying to get their
events online, including the CEC AGM, is a wonderful achievement
that all of us appreciate and can learn from.

a r n e e i g e n f e l d t , DM
assistant professor, music and technology
school for the contemporary arts, simon fraser university

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