Call for Works - 15th Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival

Subject: Call for Works - 15th Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
From: James Paul Sain (
Date: Sun Sep 25 2005 - 00:35:14 EDT

Hello all from the swampland! Here is the call for works for our 15th
Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival. Please note there is a
required submission form downloadable at the address listed in the call
or as a link on the festival web site.

Fifteenth Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival
April 6-8, 2006
University of Florida
Gainesville - Florida - United States of America

Composer-in-Residence, John Chowning
James Paul Sain and Paul Koonce, Co-hosts

After fourteen years of service to the profession, the Florida
Electroacoustic Music Festival enters its 15th year of bringing together
an international rostrum of today's electroacoustic composers to present
their cutting-edge music. Past composers-in-residence have included
world renowned composers Hubert S. Howe, Jr., Cort Lippe, Gary Nelson,
Jon Appleton, Joel Chadabe, Larry Austin, Barry Truax, Richard
Boulanger, Paul Lansky, James Dashow, and Morton Subotnick.

Call for Works

A call for electroacoustic art music works that fit into one of the
following categories:

         works for recorded media alone
           - two to eight channel works for performance on up to 14
             speakers (see media formats supported)
           - video works

         works for recorded media and instrument(s)
           - special interest in works for flute,
             clarinet, saxophone, horn, trombone,
             contra-bass, piano, and percussion

         works utilizing interactive applications/interfaces including
         electroacoustic improvisation, alternative controllers, and new
         approaches to sound with other media in performance.

Supported resources include:

           - Cycling 74's Max/Msp
           - SuperCollider
           - Kyma X w/ Capybara 320
           - Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano
           - Proposals for other technologies will be considered

         media formats supported: audio - CD, 16 and 24 bit RDAT,
             Tascam DA-88/DTRS, Alesis ADAT; video - DVD and VHS (NTSC)

Deadline for the receipt of submitted work(s): November 1, 2005

Works using live performance must be accompanied by a tape of a
performance or high quality realization.

All submissions must include performance materials in one of the media
listed above, performance parts and/or a score, a brief biography
(75-100 words), program notes (100 words or less), and submission form
<>. Biographies or notes
in excess of the maximum will be truncated. Incomplete submissions will
not be considered. Please indicate whether the composer can provide the
performer(s). Contact information on the required submission form must
include a phone number, address, and if available, an email address, web
site, and fax number. A self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) is
required for the return of all materials (or international postal
response return coupons). Materials not accompanied by a SASE will
become property of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio.

Composers may submit no more than two compositions for performance
consideration on the 15th Annual Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival.

Composers selected for performance are required to attend the festival;
this is to provide the festival with a sense of community. The festival
is unable to provide travel grants or honoraria.

Should a composer be unable to attend the festival their work will not
be presented.


Call for Papers/Presentations

A call for papers, studio reports, and lecture/demonstrations dealing
with the technology, musicology, and/or aesthetics of electroacoustic

Submissions from all current areas of research are encouraged. Possible
topics include: acoustic ecology, interactive composition/synthesis,
algorithmic composition, new musical interfaces, and new
synthesis/processing techniques. Authors selected will be given 30
minutes to present their paper (20 minutes for delivery, and 10 minutes
for questions and answers).

Deadline for receipt of submitted materials: November 1, 2005

Three copies of the completed paper, studio report, or
lecture/demonstration abstract must be accompanied by a brief biography
of 75-100 words and a contact sheet (abstract and biography should be
promptly available on data CD or via electronic transmission upon
selection). Biographies in excess of the maximum will be truncated.
Contact information sheet must include a phone number, address, and, if
available, email address, web site, and fax number. All submitted papers
will become part of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio Library.


           Dr. James Paul Sain, FEMS Director
           University of Florida School of Music
           P.O. Box 117900/130 Music Bldg.
           Gainesville, FL 32611-7900
           (352) 392-0223 ext. 240/voice
           (352) 392-0461/fax


More information on the electroacoustic music program at the University
of Florida and the Florida Electroacoustic Music Studio can be found at:

The University of Florida is located in the North Central Florida city
of Gainesville. Gainesville is served by Delta Airlines (via American
Southeast Airlines), USAir Express and Northwest Airlines. The city is
approximately a two and a half hour drive by car from Jacksonville,
Tallahassee, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Airport shuttle service can be
provided by the festival hotel for transportation from/to the
Gainesville Regional Airport (but not to other area airports).

Anticipated notification of selection for those with email access will
begin November 23, 2005. Please add an appropriate delay for postal


Current information on this FEMF15 call can be found at:

Complete FEMF15 program will be available at:

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