Webcast of Symposium - post

Subject: Webcast of Symposium - post
From: Mark Corwin (mcorwin@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Sat Sep 24 2005 - 17:30:12 EDT

Thanks to all of those who gave me running feedback on our first
dabble with webcasting. So far as I was able to track, we had
successful long-term feeds to Amsterdam, Dallas, Reston (Virginia),
St. Louis, Atlanta, Mt. Laurel (Vermont), San Ramon (California),
Banff, Toronto (x3), Montreal (x4), and Calgary. We did notice that
all of those linked used either QuickTime (most) or NSPlayer. iTunes
was 100% UN-successful in linking to our feed when attempted from
outside our campus (on-campus it was OK - go figure). We logged 171
attempted links for yesterdays final day of the Symposium, many of
them were repeat attempts. It was a shame to see people trying to
link using iTunes, only to be dropped off, I'm assuming after failing
to establish as 'good' connection. I wouldn't mind some info on this
problem if anyone has any ideas.

Certainly the EuCuE series from Concordia will be broadcast now that
we understand how easy it is to feed through software like NiceCast.
We will still be fiddling with getting a good mix of the
multi-channel works as well as sending a clean signal. We also found
audio content below 100 Hz was problematic for the compression
algorithms. Ned Bouhalassa's work was especially compromised by the
'full' low end content. The Air-20's, supplemented by our Meyer 600
subs provided quite an experience of his work for the audience in the
Hall, but the pickup distorted I'm afraid in the broadcast.

For those interested, our setup for broadcast was as follows:
        2 Neumann KM 138 Omni's in a spaced pair config, central
audience position
        PreSonus M80 Mic pre-amps
        ProTools 882 input for record/documentation
        Mackie D8B mixer - fed from Pro Tools
        Mains out to Mac Powerbook G4
           BTW - nearly a dozen G4 PowerBooks in attendance at the conference
        Audacity for internal recording
        Ethernet T1 from Concordia on port 8100
                opened port 8100 firewall in Mac Sharing prefs

This might seem like a long way around to get a feed out to the net.
It certainly would have been easier to sit in the audience with
binaural mics connected directly to my laptop (on my lap) to Ethernet
(100' extension) and off we go. But, we normally record all our
concerts using Pro Tools through good mic pre-amps and the modest
converters of the Pro Tools 882's. In that situation we found that
NiceCast wasn't able to access the audio from Pro Tools since PT only
seems to handle the 'audio' feed at the 882's until storing to disk.

I also have realized that we were guilty of being time-centric for
lack of a different word. We (I) kept announcing about our broadcast
started at 8:00...... forgetting to mention that it was Eastern
Standard Time in North America. My apologies to those abroad for that
faux pas.

Always learning,
Mark Corwin,
Director, Electroacoustic Studios
Concordia University
Montreal, Quebec

>A related question: Are there plans to webcast the EuCuE concerts as well, or
>has this been done in the past?
>Quoting Chris Leon <chrisleon@videotron.ca>:
>> is the webcast or parts of the webcast available for streaming online
>> and if not will it be eventually ?
>> chris
>> On 24-Sep-05, at 12:25 PM, steve barnett wrote:
>> > It took me two tries to get the symposium working with Windows Media
>> > Player. The first time I had a drop out, (the same 4 second loop
>> > could be played), but the second time I listened to the entire second
>> > half of Dominique Bassals "mastering in EA" presentation. I could
>> > hear everything pretty clearly... including audience questions and
>> > people laughing, (and crying too, once we realized we're painting in
>> > the dark)....
>> > It's better to paint in the dark than not at all.
>> >
>> > Squivo
>> >
>> >
>> >
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>> >> From: Mark Corwin <mcorwin@vax2.concordia.ca>
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>> >> Subject: Webcast of Symposium - update?
>> >> Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 14:02:06 -0400
> > >>
>> >> REPOST - looking for feedback. Let us (me) know if the feed worked
>> >> for you or not, what application you used to connect, or not, etc. It
>> >> does seem that iTunes is having difficulty keeping a lock on the
>> >> feed. QuickTime and NSPlayer seems to work OK. As of this time, I see
>> >> we had had a number of listeners who only connected for 10 seconds or
>> >> so then dropped off. Problems? Let us know. Thanks.
>> >>
>> >> ********* AGAIN *****************
>> >>
>> >> For those of you who aren't able to come to the CEC Annual General
>> >> Meeting and the Symposium following, we are broadcasting over the
>> >> net.
>> >>
>> >> 1-4 pm and the concert at 8 pm today Friday look for us at:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
>> >> Mark Corwin
>> >> Concordia University Music Department
>> >> Oscar Peterson Concert Hall
>> >> Montreal, Quebec, Canada
>> >
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